Bolts for air-conditioning unit brackets Elenco completo ad accesso rapido

Sistema di canaline Zanella is a smart and pratical system in PVC, which permits you to install the pipes of new conditioning plants aesily and quickly on the wall.
Sistema di Canaline Zanella must be fixed on the wall trhough extending plugs by using the performation on the canal bases. The pipes are kept on the basis by proper quick clutch-brackets "FAST BLOCK" , which can be removed by opening widde lightly the walls. Has its complete system of covering accessories for thejointing and deviating points and wall passage. All the accesoories have a release installation procedure by slightly pressing the anchorage support CANAL/ACCESSORY.


Nella sezione supporti per unità esterne potete trovare una gamma completa di mensole e staffe per condizionatori.

Supports for outdoor air-conditioning units

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